Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Good to Be Alive

This week was great! We had a lot of fun, and saw a lot of miracles.

Yesterday was the second half of elections here in Argentina, and so we had to stay inside again all day. The difference this time was we live with two other Elders, and the zone leaders came over too. We made A TON of pizza, like literally three bags of flour worth, and banana bread, and ate a bunch of peppers for fun. It was crazy and fun.

Our investigator Carla, who got married last week, now has a baptismal date! Her husband is going to marry her on the 12th of December, and we're super excited. She's so ready, we're so glad we'll both get to be here to see her get baptized.

Also this week the assistants came down and gave a training/presentation to our zone, and it was really good. We talked about being obedient enough to achieve our goals, and things like that, and I got to be in like a leadership council with them and all the other leaders in Roca, and it made me realize how awesome this place is. It really is suuuuper cool, and just has an amazing spirit. I¡m so glad to be in Roca.

We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week, and it was really good too. I went with Elder McCarlie, he's a 6'4" guy from Provo, so we towered over all the people we visited, but it was really good. I learned a lot and we had a lot of fun.

The miracle of this week happened on Monday. We went by and talked to a girl named Jazmín that we've met before, and asked if they needed any help, and her mom was actually cutting grass and needed help. So we go back there, and she's cutting her grass with literally children's safety scissors. Like the 2-inch-bladed ones you used in preschool. So she got two more pairs and we cut her grass with those tiny scissors for like an hour and a half haha it was hilarious. We didn't even get close to finishing, but she said she could do the rest. So we started talking to them, and the mom is a member, slightly less-active, and none of her kids are, and this girl (Jazmín) wants to be baptized soooooo bad. Turns out she has already received all the lessons twice, been to church a ton, and even had her baptismal interview twice. What a miracle. We're going to try to get her baptized this week, but she didn't go to church yesterday, so we'll see. Sooo awesome.

Everything's great, and I love it here! Love you all as well,

Elder Grondel


1. Trains

2. Nice place in our area

3. Our zone

Big head tree statue thing

When our roommates scared us hahaha

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