Monday, October 24, 2016


Hello there

It is raining very heavily as I type this message in a cyber café in a town called Plottier. But this week was fantastic.

The main highlight was the leadership council we had this Wednesday. We talked about a lot of things, but the main focus of it was faith. We talked about a couple different scriptures and did a lot of different things, but the main message was for us to have more faith. It was super spiritual, and we were able to feel a lot of good things that led us to grow our own faith, and then be able to do a similar thing with the missionaries in our zone training to lift the faith in the zone. Things aren't going too well here, and so we're trying to get it going, and I truly believe that this is going to help a lot.

I feel like I've talked about this before, but our mission President was a fantastic missionary when he served about 40 years ago. There's a talk by Elder Gene R. Cook, actually a BYU devotional from 1981, called Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, in which Elder Cook talks about when he was a mission President, and there was a missionary that showed great faith and was able to accomplish many miracles in his mission. One of those miracles was being sent to Paraguay, where about 20 people a month were being baptized, in a whitewash, when two missionareis that don't know the area go there together, and baptizing 18 people in 3 weeks. He could do it because of the amazing faith he had and has in the Lord Jesus Christ. Tha missionary is our mission president. So, if anybody knows how to change things, it's him. The council was very powerful, and his wife even shared the letters that he wrote to her from that period of time when he was baptizing many people on his mission. It really helped us see that it is possible, and we're going to do it. My comp and I prayed a lot to set a goal for the rest of this transfer, and we're excited to work as hard as we can to reach it.

Other than that, it rained a lot, we found some new people to teach, and we're going to see some miracles here pretty soon, I know it.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Grondel

sorry no pictures, I will on that this week

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