Monday, June 27, 2016

The big bag

Hello there, hope everyone is well. I¡m currently en El Bolsón (means the big bag), a city about 2 hours south of Bariloche, doing exchanges with the Elders here, and it's great! We went up a huge mountain this morning and it was really fun.

I don't have a lot of time, but we had a baptism this week! We had heard that a little girl Priscilla from the ward was going to get baptized on Saturday, but she is 8 year old and thought it was a ward baptism. On Friday night we went to the church for correlation with our ward mission leader, and one of the counselors from the bishopric asked us for a permission form so that she could get baptized. That was when we found out that her grandma is a member, but neither of her parents! So it counted as a convert baptism! We were super excited and felt so blessed for this tender mercy from the Lord. Obviously it's not the same feeling because we didn't teach her much, but it helped with our goals and really feel like it was a result of the hard work we've been putting in.

Everything else is great! Claudia came to church yesterday! Things are going well!

love you all!!!

Elder Grondel


1-2. Last week's p-day at Cerro Campanario

3. Bautismo del Priscilla

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