Monday, June 6, 2016


Hello there ev erybody.

This week, to be honest, was pretty hard. In the mission you always have weeks that are amazing, and others that are hard, this week was one of the hard ones.

My new comp and I are getting along great, having a fun time. This week, we had a bunch of appointments set up, we kept up with the great planning, but every time, almost every single one of our citas fell. We're not quite sure what we did wrong, but we're trying our best to improve and look up for this week.

I don't really have to much to write because the week was just a lot of walking, but Paola and her daughter Lucia and progressing well. They were going to come to church yesterday, the member that's fellowshipping her was going to pick her up and everything, but then the member's son got sick, and she couldn't come to church. So that was a bummer. But in due time, everything will come through. I always learn the lesson of relying on the Lord and not myself, I guess this week I learned that again. Yesterday I was stressed out thinking about how nothing went well this week, how we had to organize 16 missionaries more that are coming for a Leadership counsel here and where we have to put them, and get all the numbers from the missionaries from the week, and trying to think of how I could have done things better, and once again I realized it's not about me. When I focus on myself, my efforts, how the other people see me as I try to fulfill my calling and assignment, things never go my way. But when I have forgotten myself, and focused on the other people completely, not even thinking a tiny bit about myself, that's when things started to go well. So I guess that's what I need to do.

But yeah. Also, a member from the ward that was serving in Colombia just got back from his mission on Thursday, which is great! The family is really awesome, and he's going to start helping us a ton. Things are looking up, we knew everything's going to be great!

Love you all!

Elder Grondel

1. "Kid Gambita" a lessactive in our ward that was a national boxing champion of Argentina. Now he's a little crazy because of so many hits to the head, but a good guy.

2. First time eating mcnuggets in 9 months. A beautiful moment that cost waaaaaay too much.

3. Comp

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