Monday, February 13, 2017


Hello there everyone!

Another week in the chacras (orchards, there's a lot of them here) of Plottier, and it was great! It went by pretty quick, but we're having a good time.

As I said last week, we now have four perople leaving in our apartment, and it's going pretty well. Elder Nachreiner's new comp is Elder Jones from St. George, Utah, and he's great. Doesn't understand anything, and has been pretty sick because of the climate change and such, but he's doing well. It's weird speaking a lot of english again, but my comp understands and speaks english as well, so it's all going well. It's crazy hearing all the stuff that has happened since I left, I didn't understand half the new slang words he's been using when he got here.

Another great thing that happened this week, is we found a new investigator that is golden! His name is Marcelo, and we met when Elder Jones asked me to take a picture of him and his comp outside our apartment the other night. Elder Jones had crossed the street to take a better picture and we were waiting on the other side, and a man with his son went up and started talking to Elder Jones, since it was his second or third day in the country, obviously he didn't understand anything, and we could tell he was kind of really lost haha. So we went over and started talking to him. Turns out that he has a brother who's a member that lives in Buenos Aires, and so we took down his direction and went by on Saturday with my comp (he lives in our area). We went, and he started telling us his entire life story. Recently, he had a work accident, he was leaving his job, and a 15 foot, 4000 pound metal garage door fell on him. He broke 12 ribs, desaligned 3 vertebrae in his spinal column, and almost died. But he survived, they did a surgery about a month ago, and he's already walking around and says it only hurts to sit downa dn stand up for long periods of time without moving. He has a powerful spirit, and is searching for peace and happiness, so that he can help other people. Super prepared. We invited him to church, and he came for all 3 hours! He said that he loved, and participated a bunch. We're going to go by again tomorrow, and we feel that he is already ready to accept and continue forward. A tender mercy from the Lord.

I testify that Christ lives, and loves each and every one of you, it is a pleasure to be His representative to the people of Argentina, and I am loving every minute that I have out here. I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Grondel

1. We went to a refuge, and I found my bird cousins

2. We ate cake for my comp's birthday

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