Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Christmas in Argentina

Hello again!

It was a very nice week and finished off very nicely being able to talk to you guys yesterday. Everything's well, not much has changed over the last couple of hours haha.

This week was good. Like I said it went by pretty quick, andwe were supposeed to have a baptism, but at the last minute she backed out because she was having a lot of doubts. We went and tried to help her understand and feel sure, but she wouldn't budge. But she wants to keep going to church and be baptized in the future, she just wants a little time.

We should also be having a baptism this week in the other ward that we're in charge of, which is going to be great! She's awesome and is going to progress very well in the gospel. He's a less-active that's coming back, and they're going to do great things together, that'¿s for sure.

Christmas was great! Like I said, my comp was pretty sick, so we were inside most of the two days, but the members that we were going to eat with brought us a lot of food and so we still had a good time hanging out and relaxing for a while. Yesterday we ate a super good asado and hung out with the missionaries, I'll send pictures.

Other than that everything's great! I love you all,have a great week!!!!

Elder Grondel


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