Monday, December 5, 2016

In December drinking Horchata

Hello family!! This week was fantastic! Everything was great! Sorry for not writing last week, it was a packed writing day

We started December! And so did the new Christmas campaign Light the World! It's been fantastic! We've been giving out a ton of pass-along cards, we have a goal in the mission to end December without a single one of the pass-along cards! So we're trying as hard as we can to give them all out. So far it's going well! My companion and I are having a great time finding clever ways to give them out and are just having a great old time.

This week was pretty normal, not a lot of exciting things happened. But we are finding a lot of new people and having some success. The Lord is blessing us greatly. As we were visiting a recent convert this past week, Our mission president called us to inform that there is an investigator in a nearby ward of the stake that currently doesn't have missionaries because it's a dangerous area, and that he has been coming to church for about a month, and he wants to get baptized! And that he wants us to go and teach him! So we're going to be having an appointment with him pretty soon here to talk to him and get him prepared to be baptized in the next couple weeks! We're really excited and very grateful for the Lord's hand in our work.

Our zone also got even smaller. Elder Montoya from Mexico has been having problems in his shoulders and recently they found a tumor-like thing that's a not tumor in his shoulder. This week church headquarters told him he should go home to get it taken care of, so he left and his companion went to another area. So now our zone(district) is 7 missionaries ha! But we have some good missionaries and things should turn out well.

I love you all have a great week!!!

Elder Grondel

Sorry for no pictures my comp always forgets his camera haha

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