Monday, August 8, 2016

hello there

Good morning. Or afternoon. Or whatever time it is when you actually read this.

This week was really good! To be honest it was one of the fastest weeks of my mission, and I'm not quite sure why because we didn't do anything specialy, it just went by fast. Weird.

Our main focus this week was helping Katarina get baptized, and well, it wasn't the easiest of tasks.

On Tuesday we passed over some of the last minute things are made sure she was all ready for her baptism, she said she felt good and was excited. Thursday, we had an appointment at the church, and Elder Bush came to do her baptismal interview, but about 10 minutes before, she told us something came up last minute, and wouldn't be able to make it. We were freaking out a little bit, but she said she could the next day and got everything ready. Elder Bush came again, and well first she said she would be an hour late, but actually ended up showing up around 8pm. When she had arrived we explained that Elder Bush was going to ask her a couple questions just to make sure that she was ready for her baptism and everything, and she said "oh good, because I've been thinking that maybe I'm not that ready." Let the major freak-out commence. Elder Bush took her to do the interview, and my comp and I tried to calm down by playing some ping-pong. After the longest interview I've ever been a part (hour and a half) she came out smiling and said she was ready and excited. Freak-out level back to normal. The next day we were getting everything ready most of the day, go and start filling up the font, and she calls saying she feels sick, but that she's going to come 30 minutes late. Freak-out levels quickly return to high level. FINALLY she showed up at 8 for her baptism that was supposed to start at 7 (tardiness is an issure that she struggles with). But, she showed up, was excited, and brough her sister to see it as well! It was a very small baptism, she didn't want a lot of people, and she came late so there was about 10-15 people including us. But everything turned out great! The next day she came to church, brough tartas (cake/pie things that I don't know how to explain), participated in all the classes, and even bore her testimony! It was an amazing experience. Overall, my comp and I have already noticed a huge difference in her. She always knew a lot and wanted to follow Christ, but since her baptism, she has been a lot more smiley, a lot happier and kinder with everybody! The gospel is a gospel of joy de verdad. I love this work and the opportunity I have to be able to see people completely change their lives. It's incredible.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Grondel


1-2 We found a black and white setting on my comp's camera and started taking way too many white girl selfies

3. Waiting and waiting and waiting

4. #bautizona

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