Monday, August 15, 2016


Hello there everybody, how are you guys doing??

Everything's great here. Our week was crazy and went by super quick, but things are going well.Basically, two main things happened this week.

First of all, we had to go to El Bolsón for a baptismal interview on thursday. When we got there, the investigator´s nephew had passed away that morning, and the entire time we were out there, she was in the funeral and doing other things, and so we couldnt do the interview. We figured that she was having a hard time and would probably want to b baptized the next week, so we didn't worry about it and came back to Bariloche. That night, the Elders called us and told us that they talked to her and she said that she still wants to get baptized! So thenext day we took another 2 hour bus out to el Bolsón, did the interview, and got on another bus back and went back to Bariloche. And just out luck, the bus back broke down, so we had to wait another bus to make it back. So that was great. But she got baptized and everything is good now.

While we were in El Bolsón the first time, we get a text in the middle of the night from Ortencia (our investigator that was going to get baptized this week) saying that she´s not going to get baptized, and doesn't want to know anything. We were freaking out, went to talk to her the next day, and she just gave us the silent treatment. We don't not what happened, so that kind of stinks. But we're hoping that everything can work out for her.

Everything else is going great! This week we have transfers, so we're going to see what happens there, probably going to leave Bariloche, but I don't want to so that's great!
Love you all

Elder Grondel

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