Monday, August 22, 2016

El nuevo miembro del barrio alto 1

Hello there everyone, how's it going?

This week was super good, full of some awesome surprises, so we're going to get right into the thick of it.

So last week, the day after our investigator said she never wanted to talk to us again, we got a call form a member named Pablo Guevara. He called us and said he had a referral for us, and that the referral was his girlfriend, and that he was going to come to church that Sunday with her to introduce us to her! So basically, she came, and she's awesome. She was raised Catholic but never went, and he is a return missionary, and had already explained a lot of stuff to her about the church, and she decided she wanted to start listening. We've gone by 4 times this week, she understands everything, and has a baptismal date for the 3rd of September! She's super great and excited and we're really pumped. She also makes an amazing lemon bread that is delicious. He is a really cool guy, and he speaks english so we always have fun saying random words in english in the lessons or just messing around. He also goes snowboarding aaaalll the time (it's still winter here in case you forgot) and we all get along well, so it's awesome.

We also have another investigator, who is the girlfriend of Pablo's nephew Sebastian. She came to church for the first time about 2 weeks ago, was a super practicing baptist, and studies the Book of Mormon better than I do. We told her to start from the beginning, and the next time we went by she had read the first four chapters, marked the book, written notes summarizing the general theme of each chapter, and then did an overall reflection of what it teaches and how she can apply it in her life. She's amazing. She also gave us some sweet Christian Rock music in english, because she's an english teacher, so that's sweet. But she lives with her boyfriend, and so we have to take care of that problemita.

So in the middle of all of this, we had to el bolsón to do a baptismal interview, and my comp and I both ate an entire pizza. It was snowing the day that we went and the road on the way was covered in snow completely, it was ridiculous how much snow there was.

Also like I said last time, this week we had transfers. I've already been in Bariloche, so I thought for sure I was leaving, I just wanted to know where I would be going. I also didn't want to leave because of the awesome new investigators that we found. So we open up the mail on Friday night, and I'm staying in Bariloche for another transfer! 6 months in the Alto 1 ward! Elder Madsen and I are super excited to work for 6 more weeks here, and see what we can do.

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!

Elder Grondel

1. Ice cream

2. Cold

3 y 4 (on the way to) El Bolsón

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