Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas in Roca

Hey everybody! How are you doing? Everything's great here.

First of all, we had our baptism this Saturday! Carla finally got baptized, and her husband Eduardo was able to do the baptism and the confirmation, and it was beautiful. She is so ready, and they are going to continue to be amazing members. I wish there was a temple here so I could see them be sealed, but I'm just glad that they made this step together. We're gonna work super hard this transfer to baptize more too, we're excited.

That means that yes I'll be staying in Roca for the next transfer, with Elder Sorenson! We're both excited to stay and work together, we are going to see so many miracles I know it. One of our zone leaders Elder McCarlie left to Neuquén though, which is sad. He became a really close friend these past few weeks, but I know he'll do great. Our zone is awesome, we have some different changes, but it will still be awesome. Elder Moser is the other zone leader here, and this is his last transfer before he goes home! We've gotten really close too and are excited to alll have fun before he goes, and more importantly baptize.

This week we ended up having to do a lot of tramites and things, so we didn't get to teach as much in our power trio, but it was fun. I got to go to Neuquén to do immigration stuff on Thursday and ate at Subway for lunch. It was amazing. I miss American food soooooooo much it is ridiculous. We talk about it almost everyday.

We found two new investigators, Junior and his brother whose name I could not understand when he told us, and they are fantastic. Neither of them have a Christian background, which makes things interesting, but they're both super sincere and really just want to learn more. I could easily see them being baptized this transfer.

Also, I bought a guitar! Just something simple to have here with me to do talent shows and have fun, but it's awesome. It's so great to have something to unwind with at the end of the day at the pension. My comp and another missionary we live with just bought ukes too, and we're gonna do something for an upcoming ward activity, should be fun.

Well that's about it for this week! Everything is great and I'm just loving life. Can't wait to see what this transfer holds. Love you all so much!

elder grondel

Steak we bought for like a $1.50 each



Our zone leaders with their tennis shoes and their suits because Elder McCarlie's shoes broke

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