Monday, October 26, 2015

Peter, Members, Mowing Lawns

Hey hey hey everybody! We had some pretty interesting experiences and overall just a good time this week.

First of all, Peter. We were walking through a park on Monday night when we see this guy that yells "misioneros!" y despues "gringos!" We knew it could not be good from right then. He ran up to us and started talking crazy fast. He was suuuuuuper drunk. His name was Peter, and he claimed to be Mormon, Evangelico y Testigo de Jehovah. He was super funny, just begging us to teach him, talking about how he knew Michael Jackson, Joseph Smith, and had a kid with the president hahahaha. Then talked about sniping a bunch of testigos and stuff I don't even know what was happening. At the end as we were trying to leave he begged us to show him the church, and said that he would be our boyfriends if we did hahaha it was a good laugh.

The next day was Sandra's birthday, and so we made her brownies! We had to attempt four times till we got them good enough to give to her, and even then they weren't that great haha but it was fine, she liked them. The day after we came and cut her lawn, and it was actually really fun! Elder McNeil and I were both super surprised by how much we enjoyed it. We're going to go back sometime this week again.

Our investigators have all kind of decided to not want to listen to us anymore, in fact we had two in one day tell us to stop coming by. But we have been feeling for a while that our area has been dying and that it is going to close. Our suspicions have been only further confirmed as President has decided to add three more companionships in one city in our zone, and that he was thinking about closing our area. So we talked to our zone leaders, and we are now focusing on working with members, strengthening them in case they actually do take us out. So that has been fun to get to know them more.

On Friday we went to a little pueblo outside our already tiny Lamarque called Pomona, to get to know it and possibly find people there. It's extreeeemely small, but really pretty.

On Saturday I had my first asado! Our recent convert Margarita's husband made it and it was super good. Unfortunately it was raining, so they had to do it in the oven instead outside, but it was amazing nonetheless. Reminded me of good ol pop's barbecue.

Yesterday we couldn't leave the pension because it was presidential elections. Apparently it's a really big deal here, we weren't allowed to hold any meetings until after 6, and we could only leave to go to lunch at a member's house. It was a day of a lot of studies, naps, and letter writing. But yeah, that's about how my week has been. All is well hear, can't believe I've been on my mission for almost 4 months now!

Love you all, and hope the best!

Elder Grondel

1. Sandra's birthday

2. My inspiration to plan (Elder McNeil's girlfriend)

3. This is the trashman in Lamarque. A tractor with a flat bed attached.

4. A beautiful park in Lamarque

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