Monday, October 19, 2015

The Week of Food

Hello everyone!

This week was kind of low in numbers, we didn't get in a lot of houses unfortunately, but we did eat a lot with members, so that was good! On Saturday we ate Milanesas (basically country-fried steak/chicken), hamburgers, and empanadas at three different houses. That was awesome.

We went on exchanges on Tuesday, and I went to Choele with Elder Loayza, which was interesting. He is kind of disobedient a lot of the time, but we were actually able to teach a couple good lessons, and I still learned a lot with him. We also contacted this guy named Leonardo who said that he has a ton of faith in God, but every time the Jehovah's Witness of Evangelists have come by, there has always been something that has stopped him from joining. But he said that he doesn't know much about the Mormon church, and he'd loved to listen to us, so that was pretty cool.

On Wednesday it rained and hailed like crazy, so the streets got super muddy and flooded, so it took us like 40 minutes to walk to each person, and none of them were home when we stopped by. But it was fun trying to navigate the destroyed streets.

Thursday we actually had a lesson with someone we've been trying to talk to for a long time. It was a family from Bolivia, and we taught the Restoration, and it was awesome. The wife actually tried to go to church the other week, but didn't understand our directions that well so just went back home. They were out of town this weekend, but we're hoping to see them there next time.

The rest of the week we just walked a lot, and talked to a lot of people, but didn't get in anywhere. We were feeling pretty down on Friday, and prayed a ton for help, and the next day a ton of people said they were going to come to church, and we had 20 on Sunday, the highest since I've been here. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but He is always there for us if we just reach out to Him. I know that He will help us if we just ask for it, and ten do the things he asks us to do in order to qualify for that help.

Sunday was also Mother's Day here, so we helped the kids make/decorate cakes, which was fun. We had a pretty good day in church, and we got to teach primary (5 kids) which is always great.

Everytime I get discouraged, the Lord always does something to help lift my spirits. We haven't had a ton of success here, but we have still been working hard. I just feel like I need to figure out more exactly what I need to do to have the success I want, and more importantly the Lord has in store for me. I love you all and hope the best for each one of you.

Elder Grondel

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