Monday, May 29, 2017


Hi there family and friends, everything's great here in Trevelin. This week went by pretty quickly, but to be honest it was kind of hard. We had some trouble finding new people and finding the investigators that we are teaching, but I'm sure that this week will go well. We're trying to put in our best effort, and just trust in the Lord.

We saw Antonela this week, but for a very brief moment. She didn't come to church, and when we went by later, her brother told us she felt a little sick and couldn't talk to us. Then he usked that if someone wants to get baptized, do they have to go to church. We said of course, and he said, because my sister said that she didn't have to or something like that. Sooooooooooooooooo we're not quite sure what's going on there, but we're trying to figure it out.

My companion and I are doing well, we get along well and are working hard. This morning we went and bought some knives, that was really cool.

I love you all!!!

Elder Grondel

A picture of the district Trevelin

Museum in Trevelin

And a mountain

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