Monday, May 16, 2016

tudo bem

Hello there my friends and family, I hope you are all doing well.

The weeks go faster and faster, and I remember less and less every Monday I sit down to write. This week was really good, we saw a lot of great things, but the truth is I don't really remember most of it haha. Not that well at least.

We did intercambios and I went with Elder Conceicao from Brasil. It was fun, he's a great guy, really funny. I still can't understand him that well because of his accent (he's got 4 months in the mish) but we had a good time. We saw so people taking out there tree and cutting down the branches and stuff, and we got to help them which was pretty great! It felt good to be able to help someone like that, most of the time they don't let us do anything, but we were able to and then share a quick lesson with them, it was great! We also had a really good lesson with Enrique and his wife at the church. It was really spiritual and we testified super hard. He's gonna get baptized this week which is great! She still has some doubts, but we're working on it.

The Henriquez family (the girl who got baptized a couple weeks back) is doing great too. We're working with the dad right now, it's kind of dificult because he does have too much of a religious background/belief, but he's a great guy. We're trying to figure what we can do to help him. But that family is super special to us, and the other day Daniela bore her testimony about how she felt the church was true and her desires to follow God and it was really awesome.

Yesterday, President came down and we had interviews with him. And it was great. He's such a spiritual man, that you know is trying his best to follow the Lord's will, but he's also super down-to-earth. My comp and I were talking about it, and that's the best word to describe him. He's an amazing person and super great, but just down-to-earth, it's super easy to relate to him. We had a really good interview and talked about my progress so far in the mission and the type of missionary I want to be and more importantly that the Lord wants me to be. He helped me a lot and I'm excited to see how things go from now on.

Things are still going well here all in all. Killin it, having a great time with my comp, loving life

Elder Grondel

Didn't take any pics this week, so here's this one of my comp and I right now

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