Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey everybody, hope you're all well! Everything's good here. This week passed by extremely fast, but it was good. And bad, mostly very busy and crazy.

Well to start off, I'll explain the subject. On tuesday my comp and I went into the grocery store to buy some food for lunch, and we put our bags in one of the lockers outside the store because you can't bring bags in like always. But the locker didn't have a key, and we didn't have a peso to get one, and so we thought eh whatever we'll be quick we've done this before. First mistake. Anyway, we carry along tranquilamente en La Anonima, and then as we go to check the locker, we come to find out that our bags are gone. Not a trace. Everything gone. We freak out, ask the police, they can't do anything, so we go to the actually police station, make a notice that we've been robbed and everything, and start walking to the church, with bags filled of groceries. Feeling extremely sad for losing not only our cameras and a cellphone for the other Elders, but as well our scriptures, patriarchal blessings, other important things, and suddenly one of the assistants called me and said, "hey we just got a weird call from a kid named Pedro that says he found two bags near the anonima that had this cell phone in it (I had the cell phone for the other Elders that hadn't arrived yet in my bag) and he says he's going to go to the terminal and look for somebody." We freaked out. Ran to the terminal, and a little kid gave us bag our bags! Unfortunately our cameras were taken, but everything else was in them like our scriptures and agendas. It was a miracle, truly a miracle. It never ceases to amaze me, how much love God has for us. After we had ignored slight promptings and done something completely stupid, He still worked a miracle for us.

The rest of the week went by super quick. Things are going well here, we're finding more and more people to teach, but are having a hard time getting them to church. That's our main goal that we're trying to overcome right now. The new Elders and Elder Ascencio from Peru, and Elder Brac from Corrientes, Argentina. They're both really great and are going to do amazing things here, I'm super excited for it.

Last night the assistants called me at like 9:40 and said that they were in San Martin about two minutes from my pensh, and wanted to see if they could stay the night. So that was extremely unexpected, but fun to see them again. We currently have 3 assistants right now which is interesting so that's also fun.

Overall, things are looking up. We get to go to Bariloche again tomorrow for a zone training, so that should be fun.

I don't have any pictures to send this week obviously soooooo, I'll work on that hahaha

Love you all!

Elder Grondel

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