Monday, March 21, 2016

No robberies this week

Hey everybody, how are you doooooooooing? Everything is great over here.

More than anything, this week went by veeeery quickly, but the more I think about it the more I realize how much stuff we did.

The week started out with a brief trip to Bariloche, where we had our zone training and met our new zone leader. The training was very good, as is our new zone leader. We had a pretty good day, and then my comp and I got to go work with some other Elders in another area of Bariloche, which was fun. One of them was the office secretary when I got to the mission, and so it was fun to be with him again.

The other main thing that happened this week is one of our assistants came to work with us for a couple days! Right now we have 3 assistants because one's about to go home, and he is traveling around the mission working with all the Elders right now. So he stayed with us for a little while and we went out and worked together. He's super funny and we get along really well, so we had a good time. Elder Nevins and I both learned a lot, and are excited to apply what we've learned specifically to our area.

The best news of the week is probably that we went to a referral we got from somebody from the bishopric, and they are great! He is a less-active member, and his "wife" (not married) and her son aren't members. We went and taught them and they are so awesome! Super humble, super willing to listen and keep commitments and everything. We thought for sure they were going to come to church, we were somewhat surprised when they didn't show up, but they're great, we'll go back and get 'em this week. El hermano plays the guitar too, and amazingly well, I might add. When we finished the lesson, we saw the guitar and Elder Wessel (the assistant that was with us) Decided to tell them that I play the guitar a little, and so of course they made me play. I struggled through a rough version of "I will Survive" and called it good. Then the hermano came out and just completely rocked Yesterday by the Beatles followed by some grooving Samba called La Música me ayuda, and sang like Brandon Flowers. It was awesome. We'll definitely be having more jam sessions soon.

All in all, things went very well this week. I'm loving life, living the dream.

Elder Grondel

Here's an old pic I don't think I ever sent. About three months ago.

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