Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!!!

Hello everyone!!!

This week was very special and a lot of things happened, I'm going to write you guys about a few of them.

The best part of these week was definitely this Saturday and Sunday. We had President Nelson come to our mission, and had a special meeting with all the missionaries from the entire mission and him Saturday morning. It was a fantastic experience. On Friday night, I went to Neuquén to practice with the mission choir the arrangement of Asombro me da"(I stand all amazed) that we sang, which was fantastic if I say so myself. It turned out very nice, and I got to stay in a hotel with all the other missionaries from the mission that night which was fun. On Saturday morning, We woke up early to practice a little, and then waited for President Nelson. He came in, and shook each of our hands, and we had a great experience. President Nelson is 92 years old, but he got up and down, spoke with energy and did everything without a problem. He and his wife along with a couple other Area authorities spoke, and it was a very nice meeting. I loved his message because he talked about examples of a couple of the leaders that were there with him, that talked about how their missions meant everything to them. The translator (hno Aguero) learned english oin his mission in France because his mission president told him he would need it to be able to serve in the important callings and assignments he would have, and presidente Texeira also talked about how all the happiness he has had in life came because of his mission and the decisions he made while he was on it. It was very special and helped realize and the numerous things I've learned and gained from my mission, and how grateful I am to the Lord for giving me this opportunity to serve Him and His children in Argentina.

On Sunday we had Stake conference for our stake with President Nelson again. A member picked us up at 7:20 am to get to the stake center early (the conference started at 10). We got some good seats, and the conference was just as special. A lot of beautiful messages, especially from Sister Nelson, when she talked about being able to use Christ's atonement to rise above our sins and weaknesses. Just as the angels said to the women when the came to look for the body of Jesus, we too can say that we aren't in the tomb of those old habits or attitudes, but that we have "risen" above them, and those moments have disappeared. I liked it a lot.

President Nelson also gave a very good talk, spoke about the recorded events of the Resurrected Christ appearing to the people. He spoke of many things, and it was good, but the most amazing part was at the end when he said "Now I feel that I must speak to you in your own language. Thank you Hno Agüero." His translator sat down, and he started speaking in perfect spanish. As someone that has been learning and trying to perfect my spanish for the past 21 months of my life, I can testify that he was speaking by the Spirit. He conjugated everything correctly, he didn't hestitate or pause, he never said one of the male or female articles incorrectly. It was the gift of tongues working within him as the ordained and aparted Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ that he is. The Spirit that I felt in that moment testified the same thing to my heart that I was being amazed by in my mind, it was an incredible experience. I know that President Nelson is truly an apostle, that this is the restored Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today, and that the Lord gives us these experiences to be able to believe more firmly in Him. It wasn't a very long testimony and blessing that he gave, but it was amazing.

Overall, it was a fantastic week, and celebrating my birthday is a great way to end it. Thank you all for your loving support and prayers, havea great week!!

elder grondel


Playing "padel" pickleball


A store with my name

When you are cold in the morning

The hotel, and Elder Magaña

My posterity! (The two missionaries I trained, who they trained, and so on)

Elder Bra-Silva feat. empanadas

My group

Our zone

When you're waiting for Pres Nelson to come to your stake conference and your missionaries still haven't gotten there

My comp is great

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