Monday, September 19, 2016

Belén se bautizó por fin

Hey guys, how are you?? Everything is great here. This week went by extremely fast, but it was great. 

At the beginning of the week, we went to El Bolsón, and it was good. We wanted to go do an interview for one of the Hermanas' investigators that had a baptismal date for this week, but she was asleep and apparentlyjust didn't want to talk to us, so didn't really work, but it was a good trip anyway. On Thursday, we went to San Martín and back again in one day to go get some equipment (signs and posters) for a chapel open house that we tried to put together on Saturday. It was very tiring, but nice to be back. The senior couple in charge of that stuff bought us a pizza, and we talked for a little while. They are the Westergard's, and are from Far West. Turns out that Grandma Grondel was her childrens' 6th grade teacher! so that was super cool

We came back and got everything ready for Belén's baptism on Saturday. We didn't have a lot of time to invite a lot of people because we couldn't plan it well with them until Friday morning, but she only wanted family to come anyway, so it worked out well. The service was nice. Simple, there was 11 of us in total, but nice. She was super happy and even started crying when she left the water. She said she felt her chest burning and was just super happy the rest of the day. The truth is that we feel that we've seen a big change in her as well. She is very converted to the Gospel, and is going to a great member all of her life.

Yesterday we had a family home evening with Belén y Pablo, and they invited a less-active family that we've tried to work with a couple of times, but they're super lazy. It turns out that the dad and pablo are super good friends since Primary, and so he invited him over to talk a bit. Pablo planned everything, said he would take care of it, and he taught and amazing lesson about prayer and bore his testimony with such intent and love towards one of his best friends, it was fantastic. Way more powerful than anything my comp and I could have ever done. He came to church yesterday, so hopefully we'll see them coming more now.

Overall that's all that happened this week, not much to report. THis transfer is evaporating very quickly, can't believe it. Here's a picture of us and Belén y Pablo (aka my Argentine family) Love you all!!!!

Elder Grondel

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