Monday, February 8, 2016

Los Siete Lagos

Hoooooooooooooooola familia como andan?

Todo está buenísimo acá en San Martín. I really am just loving it. This week went by really quick, but I'll explain a little more about my area ahora. I am in San Martin de los Andes, one of the three main areas in la cordillera (mountains) in our mission. I believe it is by far the prettiest of the three, and it is treating me veeeery well. We live in like a little cabin in the chacra, and it is awesome. My comp is Elder Andrew Nevins from Dansville, Alabama, is 21 years old, and is just a happy guy. We have fun. Everywhere I look we are just surrounded by green mountains, it is soooooo beautiful. Downtown is very parecido of a mountain town in Europe, probably Switzerland or something. The center of town is like 100 yards from a huge lake, one of the seven that are on the way from here to Bariloche.

This week we went to Bariloche, one of the other three mountain areas for a zone training and intercambios with the zone leaders, and it was awesome! We rode the highway through a pathway called the seven lakes that goes through seven lakes obviously, and it was awesome. Bariloche is really pretty too, and we got a really awesome new plan to involve the members a ton more, and we're really excited to see it work out. I got to do intercambios with Elder Stoddard, the companion of Elder McNeil before he trained me, and we got along really well, so it was a lot of fun. We ate some reaaaally good chocolate that was mango flavored it was great.

The rest of the week was pretty normal, nothing super special really happened, but we're loving it here. We have an investigator that is pretty interested that we taught and had a really good lesson with a member named Jose Di Stefano, but she didn't come to church yesterday so we'll have to work on that. But she is great! Really smart, is reading and praying ton, so we're hoping for the best!

Life is great, everything is coming along pretty well! Love you all and hope everything is well!

Just some of the photos from los siete lagos and other stuff

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